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About Us
 RemoteCoder is sponsored by RedElephant Products Inc, an  IL, USA based company. RemoteCoder is developed with a view to promote limited hour jobs which can be done from home.

RemoteCoder is a great site to develop a follow-up career and stay employed in these tough times. You can develop new skills while working full-time. New skills will halp you in staying employed.

Make use of the site to find and keep track of the jobs you like. RemoteCoder provides lot of search tools and communication channels to make job search easy.

Employers looking for talent for limited hours can find lot of candidates looking for projects. Searching for talent can be a daunting task. But with RemoteCoder and it's employer panel, it is very easy.

            RedElephant Products, markets several other e-commerce products. Visit www.RemoteCoder.io to know more about the company.